Kajane McManus


Specializing in Patent Office Practice for over Six Decades


About the firm

The firm has three offices at present, the main office being located in the Midwest. The second office is located across the street from the US Patent & Trademark Office in Arlington, Va. and the third office, on the West Coast, is in California.

Cumulative experience of the staff conservatively totals over 60 years, and all arts are represented.

We offer U.S. as well as worldwide foreign filing options and we have our own draftsperson on staff who prepares all drawings, U.S. and foreign.

Ours is a full service no frills firm, whose product quality has never disappointed our worldwide client base. Also, our no frills ethic allows us to serve at hourly rates well below the usual and customary levels.

Since time is money, you will note the lack of visual displays on our website. No time is lost in waiting for the frills, and our bottom line page is a simple, succinct pricing chart for your ready reference.

For those who have time to browse, we provide an informational addendum, which distinguishes the various fields of practice from one another and provides a "nutshell" synopsis entitled "What To Do With An Idea".



Inasmuch as costs are important to our clients, we have prepared the below pricing schedule to provide an overview of our moderate charges. If further information may be required, call, fax, or E-mail us.


Patentability Search



Hand searches only



Electrical, Chemical, Biotech, Electronic/Computer Software (based on complexity)


Trademark/Service Mark Search

Word mark/computer search


Design mark


Copyright Application


Federal Trademark/Service Mark Application

Simple and intend-to-use word mark for filing in one class


With drawing add


State Trademark/Service Mark Application preparation plus State filing fee


Patent Application

Design- 1 sheet case plus Filing Fee


Mechanical Utility- 1 sheet case including drawing plus filing fee


Drawings per sheet over 1 sheet


Multisheet utility cases

Mechanical cases billed @


Chemical cases billed @


Electrical cases billed @


Electronic/software cases billed @


Biotech billed @


Prosecution is billed at the hourly rate for the art


Preparation and filing of US assignments


Foreign filings, document preparation, etc.


Appeals @ hourly rate for the art


Services of legal assistant




To contact us, please email us at: patntit@yahoo.com

Call or fax us, at 1-815-482-1702

Patntit is a service mark of McManus & Associates